Secrets I have kept in my right
That I holded along with me tight
Until and unless I have my stride.

To no one did I let know
That i have a poet hidden in me.

To no one i did reveal my desire
As i was afraid of their prior.

To no one did i let know I love stars
But who should i tell i too have scars.

Is this all weird to hate dawn and love stars
Is this all mine
Or this is all because of their shine.

To whom i should let know
That i trust you.

To whom should i believe
So that i could at last relieve.

Secrets I have kept in my right
That I holded along with me tight
Until and unless I have my stride.


Have you ever just pause for a moment and realise what you are doing and what you wanted to do?

Have you ever just taken just a moment of introspection?

When you had a sudden pain in your brain that you are pretending to be something,

Something which you are not.
And then feel that this is not okay.

When you realise that you are running behind things alot and then you wait for a break

but don’t have anything for what you have tested yourself for so long.

You realise that in every corner of your heart someone is hating you and someone you hate.

But you have no reasons in particular to do this.

You have tested yourself alot.


Money is not everything but your own satisfaction towards life and things matter much more.

You need to realise that the future is in your own hands. Your life is like a jigsaw puzzle and each day you try to find that one piece which can lead you to complete the puzzle.

Whenever you feel that nothing is going perfect in your life or as the way you planned you only have two option either to follow the plan and think that it is all about my luck which is also related to living a life of denial or to accept your weaknesses, find out the root cause and work on that.

When each of us find someone successful, we believe it is all about his / her luck but thats what we call a negative thinking.

You need to find out what it costs for him/ her to reach out to this position and then set your stage.


Happiness is..

When you realise that everything going around is just so perfect and even beyond.

When you wish to stop that moment there itself for life and never let it go.

You see people you love and care about are happy or happy because of you and feel you have achieved something.

When you smile not because you are forced to but because you are actually happy and feeling your own vibe.

When you dive deeper into things that make you happy, you achieve a true sense of bliss in your life.

You need to realise that people are actually gonna judge you on each basis you portray to them but you need to do what makes you happy.

Believe in yourself

Being yourself and believing in yourself are two different pathways you may come across in your lives every time.

All of us have that spark of curiosity but all you need is to become a little more aware, responsible and realize that what you have is yours and it is always unique.

A poverty stricken grocery clerk started reading some law books which he found at the store, the desire to be important and his belief in himself led him to reach myriad heights. This grocery clerk was none other than Abraham Lincoln.

Dreams don’t work unless you do, you need to have that desire that makes you wake up every morning.

Your purpose in life will fuel the passion and lead you reaching out to progress.


Lets fix this.

Gratitude as defined is a feeling of being grateful to someone or something.

Each day we keep on criticise things which we don’t even owe or our own but in the middle of this, we forget to be grateful for things which are actually our own.

You stand for things which you have and don’t have a right to say for others.

Wanting something is good as it pushes you to do better but you need to know that pushing towards things is always not as good as we think.

Remember that every road has as end and that end decides that now you need to stop pushing yourself forward or you’ll fall down from the cliff.

So from now on give yourself a promise
At the end of the day, pause for a while and be grateful for each day which has passed.

These talks may look somewhat impossible or not easy to do but when you do this you hope that next morning again the sun will shine and may brighten up your day as well.